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The simple and secure solution to pay and be paid

Do you have to make a transaction of great value, but do you want the highest protection?

With Fiduciary Dealing we allow those who buy and sell high-value goods, services and real estate to protect themselves in a simple and safe way, guaranteeing the execution of a payment deferred over time, or subject to the occurrence of certain conditions (escrow agent).

How it works

[t_list list_content=”The buyer and seller establish price and terms of the sale, defining any conditions for confirmation or resolution of the same;
The buyer signs the assignment and gives FinancialDelivery the sum to be paid, irrevocably binding it in favor of the seller;
FinancialDelivery is obliged to pay the sum to the seller only and exclusively within the established terms and upon the occurrence of the pre-established conditions.” list_icon_set=”yes”]

The advantages for those who buy

Thanks to the guarantee offered by Fiduciary Dealing, the buyer can defer the payment and in the meantime get hold of the goods, verifying that it actually complies with what the seller has declared.

Advantages for those who sell

The seller receives the guarantee that the payment will inevitably be made in his favor in the presence of the agreed conditions since the sum to be paid to him has already been entrusted to FinancialDelivery as a super partes subject.

The advantages for advisors and brokers

Fiduciary Dealing in 5 steps

1. Parties agree

on price and terms

2. The buyer sends the payment

to FinancialDelivery

3. The seller sends the goods/services

to the buyer

4. The buyer confirms

that goods/services are compliant

5. FinancialDelivery pays the seller

(and the consultant, if any)

And if conditions are not fulfilled?

If the terms of the agreement are not fulfilled, FinancialDelivery gives the money back to the buyer and/or pays any penalties due to the seller.

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Safely buy and sell any product or service

Some examples of using Fiduciary Dealing


Fiduciary Dealing is the ideal solution for anyone who, before buying a work of art, wants to get it to have it evaluated by a trusted expert. The seller, who is sure of the authenticity of the work, receives the guarantee of the deferred payment before delivery. The art advisor may also include payment of his fee in the agreement.

Luxury goods

If you want to import large stocks of luxury goods with Fiduciary Dealing you are protected by the fact that the seller will be paid only after you have verified the quality of the goods received. At the same time, if you are the seller and you are sure of the quality, you immediately receive the certainty of the future payment of the products according to the agreements established with the buyer.

Customized goods

Often goods of great value are produced to order, tailored to client’s needs. With Fiduciary Dealing, the buyer will pay only if he receives a product that meets all the requests and specifications defined in the order, while the manufacturer (or distributor) receives a guarantee of payment within the established terms.

Real estate sales

When you buy a property, especially abroad, Fiduciary Dealing is the ideal tool both to simplify tax reports and to protect yourself from signing the contract to actual delivery. At the same time, the real estate company can immediately close the preliminary contract, have the certainty of the down payment and of the deed balance, subordinated only to the respect of the agreements and the defined times.

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A single point of contact

A single, independent and supervised intermediary, which executes any of your orders in a simple and secure way.

Any product you want

You can invest in any financial instrument, issued by any issuer. Even investing one in the bonds of a SME company or in an Italian or foreign fund is simple and always at hand.

Absolute independence

FinancialDelivery is a completely independent operator and executes any of your orders based on the decisions you took by yourself or with your trusted consultants.

No conflicts of interest

FinancialDelivery does not carry out consultancy or asset management activities, does not have its own products to sell, but offers a different way of investing and managing your assets.

Get started

Start now to benefit from the exclusive services and advantages of FinancialDelivery platform and invest immediately in the best financial products you have chosen for yourself.

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Still any doubt?

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